Sell Feet Pics For Making Money Online

This is a really good decision if you want to sell feet pics online.

And if you have no idea about this, don’t worry. I’m going to share everything about it.

Billions upon billions of pictures are taken every year with the help of various devices. Many of those pictures are also sold in different places.

Bloggers, media publishers, news website owners, and many more people purchase those images for their commercial work.

Feet pictures are also just like that thing. There are different types of companies who provide foot related products or services.

To promote their products, they buy pics of feet and advertise accordingly.

In addition to such companies, various bloggers and magazine papers buy foot pictures to add to their articles.

There are also many people who buy these pictures just for fun.

Hope you understand who buys these type photos.

How much should I charge for feet pictures?

Honestly it has no fixed rate.

If we look at other pictures on the photo sales website, we see that many photographers charge $10, $500, or $1000 for each of their pictures.

So hopefully you can easily earn $30 to $3000 or more for each of your foot photos.

Again, if you have a very good audience, then you can sell photos as well as modeling with any company without any hassle.

How To Take Feet Pictures

If you just take pictures to share on social media platforms to get likes, comments, followers, it doesn’t matter how many you will get likes or followers and how it looks your feet.

But when it comes to selling feet pics as a business, you must consider this.

So let’s find out exactly how these photos can be sold.

A Good Camera

When you take a photo with your mobile device, you will see that the photo will not be clear and there may be many more problems.

But if you use a professional camera, the photo will be HD and looking so beautiful.

For example, if you go to Instagram you will see that those who have taken pictures from mobile phones and shared, their pictures are a little less interesting and do not look gorgeous.

But for those who have taken pictures with a DSLR camera and shared, the pictures look really nice.

This is the reason you should buy a professional camera for yourself.

Find Beautiful Legs

If you only have camera, it won’t. Must have also beautiful legs.

If you take pictures of beautiful legs, it will be look more interesting and there will be a chance to selling pics of feet anywhere.

This is why you have to find a very beautiful foot. For this, you can look at yourself, your baby, mother, sister, friends or anyone.

To finding I can give you a suggestion.

Capture 1 picture of each person’s feet. Now combining them through a photo editor and upload it to any social media.

Now ask your friends and followers which feet picture they find most appealing and ask them to vote for that.

This tip will help you to find the best legs for you.

Take Stylish Photos

Now you need to take lots of pictures in different styles of legs.

People don’t like to see ordinary pictures at all. And if you upload all one style photos, you won’t be able to make an even single sale.

So this point must be taken very seriously.

But be easy. Cause, I’m going to share some positions that can be used for yourself.

  1. Able to take pictures by crossed legs.
  2. You can focus your toes.
  3. Capture photos by raising your legs towards the sky.
  4. Keeping feet on feet.
  5. Take pictures with your legs slightly raised.

Capture photos as much as possible. Next, select only the best pictures for sale. And don’t forget to put watermark on the picture until the moment before selling.

How To Sell Feet Pics

You now have a lot of good pictures of the legs. Now you need to know how to sell these pictures to people.

Below I have shared some effective ways. Using which you will be able to sell pics of feet.

Social Media

The maximum number of people in the world is connected to one or many social media. So I think it is easiest to sell photos using social media.

Let’s see a small trick.

Despite having a lot of social media, hold Facebook social media as an example.

There are different types of foot related groups and pages on Facebook. You need to join those groups and upload your watermarked photos.

There are many opportunities to get buyers from such groups.

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Photo Buying Website

You may have already heard the names of Shutterstock, Alamy, Etsy, iStock, etc websites. On all of these websites, photographers usually sell their own taken photos at exorbitant prices.

You can sell directly on all these sites if you want. But the company has to pay a percentage for each sell.

You can use all these sites in the beginning. But when you will gaining popularity in this sector, you must try to sell directly.

This will keep the whole money of the sale in your pocket.

Contact With Company

There are different types of companies that provide many legs related services for people. Basically, they will buy pictures for their business purposes.

So if you make direct contact with them, you will be able to sell feet pictures very easily without much hassle.

Even it will help you to get a long time buyer.

For this, you need to go to their company and inform and explain to them very well about the pictures of your feet.

There may also be opportunities to be a foot model in their companies.

By the way, in the future I will add more sales related ideas.

Your Turn

We have now come to the last point.

Hope you have read the whole article carefully and you have understood how to make money selling feet pictures.

If you want to sell feet pics a lot, then I recommend using every method and every way.

Moreover you can take this income and profession as part-time.